Weekly recap / 48

In many ways I feel spring is all or nothing. The weather, energy, mood. The weather is either fantastic and your out the door in a tshirt and spring coat or completely grey and your back in the winter coat and scarf again. Energy and mood wise it's the same. Either I'm buzzing with energy, creativity and thrive working from early morning to late in evening or I just want to stay at home, watch Netflix, indifferent to the world outside. It's referred to as 'the fire' amongst friends and spring is definitely the season where it's either there or non-existent. Unrelated to 'the fire', here are the visuals to sum up the week.  Join in next week on Instagram for more photos, updates and inspiration. 

1. The Monstera on a misson to overgrow our livingroom. 2. Nudes and silver. Wearing the most recent purchase from Weekday, a clean cut neutral tshirt, last year's coat from Monki, three Minimal mix & match earrings and the Simple chain necklace. 3. Morning light in the studio. 4. A little sneak peek from the new collection launching shortly. 5. Low bun and all black kind of day. 6. This palm shadow photo by Cleo Gossens reminds me how much I long for summer these days. 7. Spring on bottom, winter on top.