Weekly recap / 50

A week of work, shifting weather and good people. Also slightly confusing with all the holidays this week and this month in general. The swimwear guide was finally completed on Friday overlapping the planning of the shoot of the new collection next weekend. Here are last week summed up in photos from Instagram

1. Seaside on a Sunday roadtrip. 2. A shot from the workbench, catching up on work over the weekend. 3. Casual attire teamed up with Studio Cosima leather goods. 4. Wearing these earrings non-stop and covering up bad hair days in half buns. 5. Picked lilacs on the way to work on Friday. Perfectly matching Bjork. 6. Summer nails and the SWY square signet ring worn be a very sweet customer in London. Kindly tag @stillwithyoucph if you share a photo of your jewelry on Instagram, I'd love to see!