The week in the studio / 9

Week 9: The week started with a visit to one of our suppliers. A few new elements will be added in the upcoming collection, and we wanted to explore some of our options. In the shop/studio Renathe has been working with the first jewelry models in wax. Carving wax is a completely new technique for making StillWithYou jewelry, and it has been challenging – but exciting. Martine has been working in illustrator with one of the jewelry sketches we drew early in the design process. It is an intricate geometrical pattern, combined with clean lines and textures. It has become a poster-project, and the poster will be up on the wall in studio in a few weeks.

Moodboard for the poster in the makingThe crystals we ordered arrived this weekSimpe ring and Triangle ringUneven lines earring, Sphere earring and SWY tote bag