Coveted / 51

Monochrome and minimalist outfit for spring. The best part of keeping a minimalist wardrobe are the several pieces from your winter wardrobe that are relevant, and will come in handy, all year round. The first spring outfit that I wore this weekend resulted in blue fingers and a grumpy face due to unpredictable weather. So as soon as the weather stabilizes these are a few of the versatile wardrobe essentials  I will take into use. The simple duster coat for layering in the colder season and to shelter from the evening breeze during the warmer months. And the duster coats in navy, grey and beige from last week's coveted are all on the wishlist. Equally versatile is an oversized androgynous crisp white shirt dress. Like this one that kept me warm in February, and will also serve as aminimalist beach cover-up come summertime.