Weekly recap / 11

I'm sorry for the lack of updates on the blog the past two weeks. It's been so hectic with the sale, the new collection and a very poorly timed case of the flu. I'm thrilled to announce that the new collection is ready! Sneak peeks are posted on Instagram up until we're shooting the lookbook this weekend.

1. White on white and silver earrings. Uneven line and Minimal earring combination. 2. Silversmithing hands and Quartz claw ascent rings in the making. Just a bit of polishing left before they are packed and shipped out. 3. Black kimono with crystal details, Caged crystal earrings. 4. Organized jewelry. 5. Monday morning shot. 6. Ray of light, marble and silver. 7. Glitter nails and silver rings. A throwback to New Year's Eve 2015 and the only time wearing nail polish this year. 8. Black on black with Minimal mix & match earrings.

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