80085 for charity collaboration

Two weeks ago Veronica Mike asked me "how difficult is it to make a nice piece of jewelry that looks like tits?” She told me about her cousin affected by breast cancer. And about the fundraiser 80085forcharity.com she had put together, featuring her artist friends work to cover her cousin's treatment with any exceeds to be donated as a gift to the National Breast Cancer Foundation in Norway.⁣

Breast cancer is close to my heart so there was no way I could say no to this. ⁣
⁣So here's the tits I made. A pair of silver tits as a stud earring that could double as pin. Each pair is hand forged to keep them unique and the nipples are made from recycled silver. You can also probably dm me if you have a preferred size and shape in mind for your earring 💕

If the earring and cause rings true to your style and heart, the earring can be found here as facebook and instagram censored me and wouldn't let me share the link. So here, uncensored, I'll just put it out there; tits tits tits!