How to get, keep and care for white and grey hair

After having various shades of this color for the past 3 years I decided it's time to share tips and address the questions I receive on Instagram and email. Keep in mind that I am not a hair dresser and this is only based on my experiences. 

There are many good blog posts out there addressing this topic. While there is no secret that you have to a very light blond color (natural or bleached) to begin with, an essential part often overlooked is to have an even color. Patchy colored base means a patchy result. I have done my hair at home in the past with various results. Patchy color, purple, blue and mint hair, I've had them all, unintentionally. I highly recommend investing in a good hair dresser and a good silver shampoo. The hair color takes time and money, there are no shortcuts. The two best investments for my hair have been Kir my hairdresser and the Tutto silver shampoo.

In short the life cycle of my hair color looks like this: Go to the hairdresser, maintain the color at home with a quality silver shampoo, take good care of the hair and repeat from the top multiple times a year.  More about that below.

The hair dresser bleach my roots and tone the color. The shade of the toner depends on how dark I want to go, anywhere from white to dark grey. Without proper care at home the toner color is all gone within a few weeks. My natural color is dark blonde and it's only my roots that are bleached as the rest of my hair is already white from previous bleach sessions. About 2-4 cm of dark blonde roots + white hair is always my starting point. 

How I maintain the color at home / 
I wash my hair with normal shampoo, rinse and apply the Tutto silver shampoo and leave it in for up to 5 minutes. I rinse and apply a normal conditioner and rinse in cold water. Once a week I use a conditioning treatment and leave it for 10 minutes. I currently use the 'Milk sublime pak' from Nook. This is an okay product but I'm sure there are better alternatives on the market. I then do the normal conditioner routine after. The last step is always conditioner and rinse in cold water. I towel dry the hair and apply 'Magic argan oil crystal' from Nook (this one is superb!) and blow dry on low to medium heat. For styling I use the Salt water spray from John Frieda. Mainly because it smells like coconuts and pleasantly tricks me into summer-mode all year round.

How often you need to use the silver shampoo depends on your current color. Now that my hair is quite dark I use it every wash but when my hair is white once a week will do to avoid going purple. The purple/blue color pigments in the silver shampoo will counter any yellow tones and ideally give you white or pale lilac hair. The silver shampoo does not make your hair grey, that color is done at the hair dresser with a toner.

Wear gloves and be careful when you use the Tutto shampoo. It's very pigmented and will stain your hands, walls, towels and anything else within a few seconds. The photo below shows a small amount (approx. half a teaspoon) with the Tutto shampoo mixed with water.