Herkimer diamond ring

Herkimer diamond ring made exclusively for our newsletter subscribers. We will only make a limited number of 7 rings, and it can be purchased for 7 days, starting Sunday August 11 when we send out our newsletter. To subscribe to the newsletter, sign up on our main page or facebook page.


About the ring:
Solid silver ring - 1.5 mm round band, set with clear herkimer diamond in hand forged prong setting. Matte silver finish. Price $65 (retail price $105).




About the crystal:
Herkimer diamonds are double-terminated quartz mainly found in Herkimer county, New York. The double-terminated shape is naturally formed as the crystals has no to little contact with its host rock (dolomite). The crystal grows slowly and are said to be close to 5 million years old. Herkimer diamonds range from clear/colorless to smoky, and can contain rainbow inclusions, enhydros or black carbon deposits. 


Metaphysical properties: harmony, awareness, spontaneity.
Astrological sign: sagittarius


As solitaire ring it is beautiful on its own, and we love it styled with the simple silver stacking and knuckle ring.