ESSENTIALS: Winter care

Taking care of yourself is important all year, but with winter ahead in the Northern hemisphere, we must add enough moisture to our skin, hair and nails to keep dry cuticles, brittle nails, dry skin and static hair away. Here are few of our favorite products to keep skin, nails and hair in check and healthy this time of year. And besides, who needs an excuse to pamper oneself.


Facial puff / Lip balm / Argan oil hair tonic / Hair conditioner / Detangling comb / Hand and body cream / Bath salts / Cuticle oil / Face tonic / Nail file / Mimosa candle / Body balm

Face: Gently exfoliates the skin and enhance blood circulation with a facial puff. Be sure to apply a rich face cream after, and keep the skin fresh and balanced with face tonic.

Lips: Avoid chapped lips with deep moisturing lip balm with almond oil and organic ingredients.

Hair: The tiniest amount of argan oil will add shine and tame frizzy ends or use a rich condintioner/hair mask and leave it in for a few minutes and comb through with a detangling comb. 

Nails: A crystal nail file is more gentle than a metal file. A good tip for dry cuticles is to leave the cuticle oil on overnight, or ordinary olive oil does the trick too.

Skin: Add a refreshing and moisturing body balm after the shower. 

Relax: Enjoy a relaxing warm bath with an aromatic bath salt, calming the senses and relaxing the mind.
Light a candle, pick up a book.