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A gift guide of essentials for Christmas 2016. These are also my personal favorites, and I think every woman appreciate the simple things that are practical, inspire, make them feel and look good. I hope the list will inspire your own wishlist or give you an idea of what to give this Christmas.

The very best part about this gift guide: Every single item is either handmade, locally made, small business, environmentally friendly. Or all of the above. 

gift guide christmas 2016, for her, minimalist, essentials

1. Rice water mist by Soul sunday /
If you have not used a mist previously you have no idea what you're missing out on. Really. An instant pick-me-up throughout the day that leaves the skin feeling + looking fresh and moisturized. 

2. Essentials by ILA /
A collection of essential ingredients for the kitchen. I love these for two reasons; High quality ingredients to inspire to cook and bake more and/or better. And the beautiful packaging makes them the perfect kitchen accessories, even when not in use.

3. Looks that kill lipstick by Context /
Let me drop a not so subtle hint: Hyperallergenic, Fragrance-free, Paraben-free, Sulfate-free, Phthalate-free, Cruelty-free and made in USA. Yes. A big happy yes to all of the above. Plus, the lipstick colors are stunning.

4. Quartz monolith earrings by StillWithYou / 
A subtle and sophisticated detail. I love these earrings. 

5. Face & Body Exfoliant by Musq
This time of year is prime season for dull, pale, dry and uninspired skin in the northern hemisphere. Think about it, have ever heard anyone talk about how good their skin is during winter? Didn't think so. And a good exfoliant is the quickest skin reboot.

6. Blank book by Love Aesthetics Atelier /
A clean slate for your drawings, thoughts and ideas to grow in. Also a stunning coffee table object when left completely blank.

7. 2017 Classic planner by Marjolein Delhaas /
A planner is practical and a good gift in itself, but how about adding a date, concert, brunch, cinema, or anything else that's fun, romantic or both for her to look forward too. 

8. Black Mecano Nº2 bag by Less Bore /
When functionality and a beautiful design, merge dead-center, you end up with a premium product. Big enough to comfortably carry the everyday essentials and timeless design and quality craftsmanship to last for season after season.