How to quickly clean and brighten your silver jewelry


The natural oils in the skin keeps the silver bright, so the more you wear your jewelry the brighter and better it will look. Silver jewelry requires very little maintenance, but from time to time you might want to brighten it up. 

This is how we clean our personal SWY pieces, and the quickest and most efficient way we know of. All you need is a minute and a few household products: Water, mild dish soap, a soft brush and tissue paper.

1. Mix hot water with dish soap in a container and put the jewelry in. 2. Leave it in for a few seconds before you soak the brush and gently scrub the jewelry. 3. Bring the jewelry out and rinse in clean water. 4. Place the jewelry on soft tissue paper and gently clean of the last bit of water. For even brighter looking jewelry, use boiling hot water and let the pieces soak in the water and dish soap mix for about five minutes.

Do note that this method is only for sterling silver jewelry. Do not use this method for oxidized (black), plated or heavily tarnished jewelry.