Introducing / Tourmaline claw collection

Ever since I started making jewelry in early 2011, I have had a thing for gemstones. Not pretty, perfectly cut 'proper' gemstones. But natural stones in their un-altered state. Chunky, raw and just as they were thousands of years ago. There is a special dynamic I think, when you combine two such different materials. Maybe it's that dynamic that has kept me intrigued and working with raw stones and silver over the years. The static, cold and tamed silver combined with the organic natural element. I also very much like the one-of-a-kind element to the stones being cut by hand, in no particular form or by no other rules, than that it must fit in the hand-forged silver claw. After a few weeks at the workbench, the Tourmaline claw collection is now complete and will be available in the shop later this week. 


swy studio, stillwithyouTourmaline claw ascent earring with hand-cut tourmaline in gradient sizes that ascents along the ear lobe.

swy studio, stillwithyou workbenchSetting stones at the workbench.

swy studio, stillwithyouTourmaline claw ring. Black on black, this solitaire ring is a favorite.

swy studio, stillwithyou

swy studio, stillwithyouTourmaline claw earrings and the petite version.

 The original black tourmaline chunks in their natural state, before I cut them into tiny pieces.