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maja wyh, oversized outfit, all white

Maja Wyh's ability to look effortless is beyond most, and might explain her popularity too. Generally, her style is too boho-heavy for my liking, but this all white, tailored oversized silhouette, is spot on. (and the scenery too for that matter)

For any fan of raw industrial interior and good coffee, Portrait in Harleem, fits the bill just fine. Photo by instagram/raquel.cayuela

Walking the streets of Copenhagen these days makes it clear fig season is finally on! Quite a treat with a range possibilities- As a snack (split in two with a knife, eat with a spoon), topping for your lunch or for wine + cheese night. Or, use the figs as the base for this tasty looking basil, fig and vodka drink. Photo and recipe by With food and love.

Natural white, loose silhouette, raw edges. Stunning staple piece and handcraft by Claudia Bertini.