swy studio gift guide / 02

The second edit of the swy studio gift guide of essentials for Christmas 2016. These are also my personal favorites, and I think every woman appreciate the simple things that are practical, inspire, make them feel and look good. I hope the list will inspire your own wishlist or give you an idea of what to give this Christmas.

All items are either handmade, locally made, small business, environmentally friendly, or all of the above. 

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1. 2017 Classic planner by Marjolein Delhaas /
Mark a date, brunch, concert, movie or something else to look forward to, in there too. 

2. Rose face mist by Herbivore Botanicals /
No one can say no to moisturized, fresh and glowy skin. Especially when it looks this pretty!

3. Chain earring by StillWithYou
For everyday wear or special occasions, a simple piece  of jewelry will always do.

4. New York city guide by Cereal /
To inspire future trips, cities on the your must visit-list, or to keep a memory from a past trip, Cereal's city guides got you covered.

5. Lip balm by Rodin / 
A tiny box of luxurious lip balm in a gentle blush color, perfect to moisture and look nice. Win-win.

6. Artwork by Frédéric Forest /
His stunning lines are not yet available for purchase, but I read in an interview that a webshop is in the works. In the meantime, head over to his Instagram to admire how delicately the female form can be captured.

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