The story about my online stalker

So. Here goes.
This is one difficult blog post for me to write. But I have to. I need to stand up for myself in what’s been a 3 year long nightmare with an online stalker. Since 2017, an unknown person has been harassing my business with fake google reviews and creating fake social media profiles in my name.

It’s been a rough ride having a stranger trying to destroy what I worked to build for the last 9 years. I’ve tried reporting it, to have it removed but Google and the social media won't remove unless it violates their policy. It's clear the online stalker realise the severe legal implications of their allegations, and keeps it to several fake google accounts, creating other fake reviews to try to look legit and making sure not to step over a policy violation or his/her real identity to be discovered.

These reviews are the first thing people see when they google my business. Several times  I’ve contemplated addressing this publicly but haven't had the courage. To give some perspective, it took 3 months before I had the courage to tell a few good friends about it, I was simply too hurt to tell anyone for a long time. Now I’m telling the whole internet.

The final draw for me, was last month when he/she begun to harass my stockists with fake google reviews about them. Calling staff at a place “terrible, pretentious and rude”, in a quick short sentence before the usual bashing of me and my jewelry. Lying and harassing their business and staff, which he/she has never even met, just to harass me. I attached two screenshots below, so you can see for yourself the reviews he/she left on my stockists' google page and on my google page.

internet stalker, fake reviews, cyber stalker, fake google reviews

online stalker, fake reviews, fake google reviews, cyberstalker

This person is not your regular internet troll, it must be something personal. The time, thought and persistence this person have been putting into it, is unsettling. After he/she wrote the first fake google review in 2017, I deleted my google business page for 4 months. It took less than 24 hours for new reviews to be back on my google page once I republished it. I can only imagine how often this person must have checked over 4 months, to be able to jump the gun so soon.

In all sincerity, and this is very important that comes across loud and clear. All my jewelry are handmade by me at my workspace here in Copenhagen. Every single one of my suppliers and partners are based right here in Denmark. (Where I buy my tools, silver and gold materials from, jewelry boxes, business cards, printing paper, etc). These principles have been the backbone of SWY STUDIO from the beginning. 

Thank you for reading. And to those that support 
small designers, small businesses and handmade products, thank you. You have no idea how important you are! 

If you have any questions or comments about this, get in touch And as always, feel free to visit me for a coffee and chat if you’re in town.

Renathe - Owner and founder of SWY STUDIO

 Ps. Here’s a video of me making a simple silver ring.