Vintage jewelry; a short introduction

The work to restore the third collection of vintage jewelry has begun and I realised that I have never properly introduced the concept and told how and why I started it where it is today. 

While gathering inspiration for the last swy studio collection in 2017, I came across a range of vintage jewelry. I have a significant soft spot for jewelry, personally and professionally, and fell in love with the timeless design and craftsmanship. I simply had to have them. 

The jewelry were pre-owned and showed signs of love and wear. I restored, mended, repaired and removed every scratch, dent, replacements, broken element, old solder, etc. Slowly but surely, bringing the jewelry back to their new state. I believe quality design and quality craftsmanship are at the very heart of any great piece of jewelry. These just need a little TLC and a few hours at the workbench to be worn and loved again. They were too good not to share.

So in February 2017 I launched Argent Atelier. An independent project for the vintage jewelry with it's own brand, online store, social media accounts. To keep it less confusing for others and more simple for me, I have decided that from this coming collection and onwards, the vintage jewelry are now fully under the swy studio label and will be found under the 'Vintage' section in the online store. 

I currently have around 40 pieces on the workbench rin the process of being restored and I can't wait to share them with you soon! Here's a little sneak peek of some hoop style earrings basking in sunlight yesterday.