Weekly recap / 54

Tech and SWY simple rings, photo by the lovely @apieceofcake82 on Instagram

Lock earring, Lock earring petite and Simple band ear cuff out and about in LA. Photo by @cyl_______ on Instagram.

Saturday stack of rings.

Turtleneck and the Minimal 4 piece earring set.

Lock necklace and borrowing S's clothes, hoping to keep it.

I'm back into regular posting at the moment, testing out this new layout for the weekly recap. Let's see how it works out, alongside the other changes to be made for the website. Last week I've been working on the new pieces with black tourmaline, making orders and made this little guide over the weekend. It's quite a luxury to have the building all to oneself when working during the weekend! But I totally lost all form of productivity after I discovered the series, Transparent. Such a good show, and I ended up binge watching two seasons over two days. This certainly messed up the normal rhythm of things and I overslept for all plans Sunday morning and had walk on the beach with S and Stella instead. A win-win, really.

In tune with last week's soundtrack post, deep soul from the 70s are on the playlist this week too. Enjoy this Curtis Mayfield cover from 1977 by Willie Wright.