Weekly recap / 57

This post is not half as exciting as last week's recap, but here is last week summed in photos from my camera roll, Instagram and random snaps of what I've been up to the past few days. 

Stella's new best friend, Dexter, paying us a visit earlier this week

Evening light this time of year

Home office lunch indulgence

First day out since Wednesday, wearing all black and the Minimal 4 piece earring set

Cafè interior

Common cold remedy and favorite juice. Red bell pepper, carrot, orange and red chili. If you like to juice or makes smoothies at home, Stream Straw might be your new favorite accessory

What we missed of sunshine during the summer months, September has delivered. Stella and I on our way to work

Chunky knits, black denim and textured stack of rings

Self-composed Asian feast, a regular 

Color-coordinating while waiting for pizza take-out

Kompa' 9 on Strædet

The sleepy crew on Friday evening

Outside for the first time in three days. It could not have a been a better Saturday

Fluffy knit and Cage earring

Monday essentials. I'm very excited to soon reveal some new things in the webshop. Hint: Relevant photo

Copenhagen on a sunny day

Favorite dish